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I would argue people are optimized to live good productive lives, but very few are positioned to optimize and grow their income to live comfortable lives without stress anxiety and worry over money, that is a different skill set all together…

Everyone knows there is a global shift in the economic landscape but what most people don’t know is
it’s a shift from the old and declining job model to the new and growing Gainful Income work model.

As the author of 7 book,s I study growing trends and new income models that engage the new workforce to think different to work smarter and live richer more meaningful lives.

People will undergo a big change over the next 5 years —- but the people who will succeed moving forward are going to be the people who position themselves ahead of a growing new trend – The Ownership Economy.

About Your Problems…

Problems are like ice cream, you have to lick them or you will have a mess!

Jobs are for thin people only…

If you’re newly unemployed and overweight, you may find it more difficult to land a job than your normal weight peers, according to a February, 2012 article in the Economics and Human Biology journal.

M. Caliendo and other researchers at the University of Potsdam in Bonn, Germany found that overweight women had a harder time finding jobs and, when they did, earned significantly less money than thin women.

The negative impact held true across all job categories.

It’s hard for anyone to find a job in today’s economy and, according to the German study, extra tough if you’re carrying unwanted pounds…

This is just ridiculous! I find it absolutely absurd that any company should discriminate based on anything, especially weight.

Numbers on a scale don’t determine what kind of a person you are, especially in reference to work ethics.

When I started Career Without Walls, there was never a doubt in my mind that I’d gain partners from all walks of life.

If someone wants to work and earn a living, they’re going to do their best no matter what their age, weight, race, gender, height, hair color, eye color or any other trait that has absolutely no bearing over whether they would be a good employee or not.

If we’re serious about turning this economy around, everyone has to play their part, and play it well.

I’m hiring people everyday, but companies that are regulating such absurd hiring conditions are only hurting everyone else.

This is the 21st century, people! Let’s start acting like it!

BEWARE! Scammers on the loose

About a week ago, a woman in North Carolina was scammed out of thousands of dollars by a so-called “work from home” job.

The woman only communicated with her “employer” via text, and gave up her banking information in order to get “paid.”

The company ended up withdrawing her paycheck, along with the rest of the money in her account.

Unfortunately, as ludicrous is it sounds, people all over the country are being scammed by “work-at-home” ventures because they’ve become so desperate for work that the warning signs aren’t being seen.

Maybe this exact scenario isn’t happening everyday, but the point is, people are being scammed because they’re taking “opportunities” from the wrong “businesses.”

I say this only because there are so many fraudulent companies out there nowadays preying on vulnerable unemployed people who are simply just looking for any way to get back to work.

It’s disturbing that there are so many people, so many companies, in this country that are willing to take advantage of others just to make a quick buck.

When I started Career Without Walls, I knew there would be skeptics. In fact, I welcome skeptics.

If you aren’t questioning the integrity of a company, you only have yourself to blame if you end up getting scammed, especially with how many fakes there are today.

You have to ask to see what’s behind the curtain, and if they’re not going to let you in on it, it’s probably no good.

For example, I completely pull back the curtain, I tell you exactly what CareerWOW is, what we do, what to expect, heck, I even give you a week of free training.

So if you’re pursuing a work-from-home career – because they do exist, and you can prosper from them – just make sure you’re careful and make sure you ask questions.

Don’t let anyone take you for a ride; don’t let anyone take advantage of you!

Keep your eyes open for the fakes, and you’ll be able to pick out and easily spot the real deal.