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Jobs are for thin people only…

If you’re newly unemployed and overweight, you may find it more difficult to land a job than your normal weight peers, according to a February, 2012 article in the Economics and Human Biology journal. M. Caliendo and other researchers at the University of Potsdam in Bonn, Germany found that overweight women had a harder time […]

If jobs are being added, why is unemployment still at an all-time high?

According to the February jobs report, despite employers adding 227,000 jobs last month, the unemployment rate is still holding strong at 8.3%.  CNN Money reported that “the American economy lost 8.8 million jobs during the financial crisis, and has since added back 3.5 million jobs. About 12.8 million people remain unemployed, and 42.6% of them […]

To remake America, we all have to play an active role

Yahoo News is running a year-long story on six families struggling through the same issues and problems affecting millions of Americans today in this horrible economy. The project, called “Remake America,” seems aimed at uncovering the hardships many families are facing since the unemployment crisis forced many of them out of the work force. Click […]

A college degree is not the only way

I was reading yesterday’s edition of the Tampa Bay Times earlier today when I came across an article that disturbed me, an article about higher education costs (sarcastically titled “Higher (priced) education”). As the first two lines of the article blatantly points out, more than ever college students are paying more and getting less. The […]