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Burke Hedges is known as the most sought after author, promoter in the Network Marketing community. He is famous for his global influence on the industry, His widely successful books have reached over 4 million people in 20 countries. His powerful business growth strategies help Network Marketing Entrepreneurs scale up their businesses without hype, overwhelm or being obnoxiously salesy.

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Embracing Responsibility

Taking responsibility is NOT something we should seek to avoid – it’s something we must embrace if we want to experience all of the great rewards that life has to offer!
A perfect example is when I accepted the responsibility to quit smoking. I’ll guarantee you, the genuine, long-term satisfaction I received from quitting smoking was far greater than the short-term satisfaction I ever got from lighting up a cigarette! And that’s just one small example that illustrates the enormous benefits of taking
The famous American novelist Mary McCarthy once said that “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is
about creating yourself.”
What a message! You certainly don’t have control over the gift of life, no one would argue with that. But what about the rest of your life – the life you choose to create for yourself starting right this very moment?
The challenge is to create yourself by making an unconditional commitment to take responsibility for every aspect of your life. All you have to do is say, “Beginning today, I assume total responsibility for who I am and what I become.”

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